Teaching Philosophy

Culture Club’s after-school program is the best way for your child to learn a second language, second only to a full-time immersion school.  We use a combination of all modern immersion techniques including the  Communicative Approach and task-based language learning.  Our more natural way of learning language rises far above the traditional memory drills and grammar structures.
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Why Learn Languages?

Language is at the very center of human interaction and communication. It is the bridge that connects us or the gap that may divide us. As such, the most important reward of learning a second language may simply be the gaining of a different perspective and the cross-cultural awareness that comes with it.
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Culture Club to You!

We believe strongly in the benefits of early childhood second language learning. We want to build a community of young language learners all over Portland, and believe the best way to do this is to bring our classes to you! Enrich a school, daycare program, or home by offering either French or Spanish without having to create an entire infrastructure or curriculum. Our teachers will come to your school or home with our program.
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