As parents begin to choose to have their children learn a second language, they often worry that they don’t have the skills to support their child. Whether it be logistically with homework or even to promote language usage outside of school, parents often don’t have many options. Culture club has worked hard in creating ways to bridge the gaps between a child’s second language journey and their parents that want to be involved but feel limited in what they can do.

Le Français Au Quotidien

This class is for parents who have their child in a French immersion program and wish encourage, support, and relate to their child better on this journey. Also If you think you might want your child to learn French one day.

In this class we will cover basic daily language that you use with your child. Daily imperatives are a simple way to bring continuity to your child’s language learning at home.

“Time to get up”,  “set the table please”,  “lets brush our teeth”

Parents are saying these things every day. Learning to say them in French will be so helpful for you and your child to connect in French but also give them a richer language context at home.

No prior French is necessary.  This is for parents with children of all ages, from infants to teens. It is never too early to start with these “imperatives” nor is it ever too late to start!

This class will be on Thursday evenings and will run for 4 weeks

Start date and time: TBD (once minimum interest is reached)

cost:  $125; 15% discount for the second parent.

Contact Culture Club to enroll


Family Game Nights

Games are fun and educational for children, teens and adults. They teach children appropriate social interactions, colors, numbers, strategy, logical thinking skills, vocabulary, reasoning strategies, and how to follow rules and procedures, but more importantly, games are fun! Our family game nights are a great, low stress way for families to learn French together. No prior language skills are necessary. Our teachers model the language the same for everyone. This is a great opportunity to be vulnerable with your child and show them that we all make mistakes and that they are not only ok to make, but an important part in the process.

This social family night is also great for families with kids learning French in other schools. Parents learn how to play the games alongside their children, while showing their support. This is also a great way to help encourage a child to use their French with a parent who may speak French even though it is not the ‘mother tongue’. A task that most will find is often VERY hard to do.

All ages and French levels welcome. Children younger than 4 welcome but games are not geared toward this age group. This is a parent supervised event and participation is encouraged and necessary!

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