Culture Club’s unique after-school program and teaching style are designed to give your child a richer immersion experience. Our lessons and small class sizes are designed to give children ample time to derive meaning through context. We are confident that when children are given the time to settle into a second language environment, where they are building a community with their classmates. This class teaches language learning skills applicable to any future language study, French or any other romance language.

What you can expect when enrolled for a full academic year:

  • Your child is learning to speak full phrases from day one! By the end of the academic year, children will be able to understand and respond to basic questions that relate to them and their environment.
  • Your child is learning while having fun! We provide ample social time in the target language.
  • Your child will make friends and build a community within which he or she feels safe to use the target language.
  • Your child is building a better foundation for academic learning. For example, he or she will gain improved reading and analytical skills which lead to better test scores.
  • Your child is gaining a better sense of cultural and global awareness. Children will be taught about cultural differences, but more importantly, they’ll start to see how similar humans essentially are.


Grades K-2nd
Thursdays 3:00-4:00 (15 minutes snack and 45 min lesson)

Tuition: $700 for the school year – 30 sessions

tuition increase due to PPS CUB rental rate increase

CLASS STARTS Thursday SEPT. 20th!


Contact 503 389 5501

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