Culture Club’s after-school program is the best way for your child to learn a second language, second only to a full-time immersion school.  We use a combination of all modern immersion techniques including the  Communicative Approach and task-based language learning.  Our more natural way of learning language rises far above the traditional memory drills and grammar structures.

We were all born with an intuitive function for acquiring our mother tongue. Unfortunately, by the time we reach adolescence, this function has already begun to go dormant; by the time we reach adulthood it is completely lost.  Children are extremely fortunate that their brains still function this way, and this is why we need to give them opportunities to learn new languages while it is still effortless and fun.


Through the use of music, role-play, games, hand gestures, and storyboards, your children will be having so much fun that they will not even realize they are learning.  At Culture Club like to think of it as “sleight of hand” learning, because while the children are completely engaged in “play”, our trained teachers slip in language and culture lessons.


We know that children are often low on energy after their day at school, that is why we think it is essential to keep it fun, keep the child moving, interacting and creating.  With our methods, language will happen, and the children will be introduced to the rich cultures of the many countries that speak them.


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