Language is at the very center of human interaction and communication. It is the bridge that connects us or the gap that may divide us. As such, the most important reward of learning a second language may simply be the gaining of a different perspective and the cross-cultural awareness that comes with it.

A person who is culturally sensitive is aware that there could be differences between their culture and another person’s, and that these differences could affect their relationship and the way they communicate with each other.  A culturally sensitive person would understand other countries’ traditions and ways of life, and he or she may attempt to learn and apply new understandings.  Importantly, culturally sensitive people attempt to be free from prejudices and preconceptions about other cultures.


Culture Club’s mission is not only to teach language, but to open these channels to cross-cultural awareness.  We should not expect that everyone worth communicating with will speak our language.  We should strive to meet everyone halfway.  We don’t want our children to only wish for world peace; rather, we want them to grow up seeing how the method of achieving it is so obvious.


Other motivations for a child to get a head start on acquiring a second language are:


  • Better listening skills

Studying foreign languages is known to enhance listening skills and memory, which contribute a significant dimension to the concept of communication.

  • Better reading skills

Children’s study of foreign languages will improve their reading comprehension in their native language by honing their awareness of the technicalities of their or her native tongue.

  • Better test scores

Children who have studied foreign languages have higher performance levels in English and mathematics compared to students who have not.  Each year of language study has correlated increasing test scores and overall analytical ability.

  • Better career options

Learning foreign languages provides a competitive edge in career choices not only in today’s world but also in the world of tomorrow.


Watch here how President Obama talks about his wishes for America’s children in regards to foreign language!

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